Monthly Update – July 2016

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Welcome to the Law Review’s monthly blog post! As a reminder, the purpose of this monthly post is to update our members, alumni, and the community about recent and upcoming events. We want to recognize and appreciate all current and former Law Review members for their many accomplishments throughout their careers; if you would like to share anything in an upcoming post, please do not hesitate to contact the Volume 49 Online Edition Editor, Alicia McCullar (

First, it is our distinct pleasure to welcome a group of outstanding 2L students as Volume 49 staff members.  Please click here for a full press release.

Please join us in congratulating these students for all of their hard work and dedication, both during the 1L school year and the process of submitting the write-on packet. We are excited to work with all of you and we look forward to your continued success.

Thank you to our Volume 49 Articles and Comment Editors for their commitment to grading the write-on packets this summer. Also, thank you to the summer Online Edition committee members for submitting timely and well-written case summaries. We would like to congratulate the entire Volume 49 Board of Editors on another successful summer and we look forward to seeing everyone in August!

Second, mark your calendars for the Mental Health Law Symposium. The symposium will be held at Texas Tech University School of Law on November 18, 2016, with more details to follow in a formal announcement. Please contact Symposium Editor, Frances Tubb (, with any questions.

Finally, we would like to send well wishes and good luck to our alumni, and to all students, who are taking the bar exam this month. All of your preparation and dedication is admirable and we send good vibes during the testing days.

Please keep in mind that the journal is currently accepting article submissions for Volume 49. If you have any questions or would like to submit an article for consideration, please contact our Lead Articles Editor, Aaron Powell (

Please check back next month for another update and remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Thank you!

              – Volume 49 Board of Editors