History of the Law Review

The Texas Tech Law Review is a general-interest academic law journal published quarterly by students of Texas Tech University School of Law. First published in 1970, the Law Review’s membership stands at five times as large as its original membership of just over a dozen students. We strive to produce a quality publication that enriches legal scholarship by encouraging discourse on current legal issues. The Law Review also hosts an annual lecture series, as well as an annual symposium at the Texas Tech School of Law.

Each year, the Law Review publishes one volume that is comprised of four books released between November and June. Two of our issues contain articles written by prominent legal scholars and practitioners, as well as comments written by Law Review staff members concerning various state, national, and international legal issues. Our Fifth Circuit Survey outlines the important cases decided by the Fifth Circuit each year during the survey period. A fourth issue features articles written by the speakers from our annual symposium.