Gregory Cotton


Gregory Cotton is a 3L J.D. candidate taking the February 2018 Bar and graduating in May 2018. Before law school, Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Psychology from Texas State University. As a 2L, Gregory competed in a number of advocacy competitions, taking first place in one competition and making the finals and semifinals in two other competitions. As a 3L, Greg will serve as the President of the Environmental Law Society, a Comment Editor for the Law Review, and the Director of Negotiations for the Board of Barristers.

Greg’s legal interests include civil litigation, environmental law, and mergers and acquisitions. During his 1L summer, he did a full summer internship with a federal district judge in Texas while also attending summer classes. During his 2L summer, Greg interned with an environmental and water law firm in Austin and with the Enforcement Division of the Texas Railroad Commission.