David LaFreniere

_MG_1667-2David is a 2L J.D. candidate graduating in May 2019. David grew up in Colorado, then Texas. David attended Texas Tech University where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business in 2014. Prior to attending law school, David worked as the residential dining hall manager at the University of Houston, then the director for residential dining at the University of Texas at Dallas.

In addition to being a Staff Member for Volume 50 of the Texas Tech Law Review, David serves as a Tutor for Professor Brian Shannon and competes in Board of Barristers advocacy competitions. David’s experience includes working as an intern for the Honorable Mark J. Hocker in County Court #1 in Lubbock County, mediator with the Lubbock Office of Dispute Resolution, contributing writer for Texas Bank Lawyer, and research assistant for Professor Richard Rosen.